Crafting a Brand You Believe In with Melissa McKinnon


Melissa McKinnon is a Canadian artist with a recognizable style. Using a palette knife, she shapes acrylic paint on canvas to create almost magical scenes. She describes herself as a “Mother of two spirited girls,” who loves to paint in vibrant colors and thick textures. Melissa is featured in my book in Chapter 8, “Crafting a Brand You Believe […]

Elevator Pitches & Short Attention Spans with Jason Hoelscher


If you ask Jason Hoelscher what kind of art he makes, he’ll tell you: “I paint short attention span paintings for short attention span culture.” He’s a minimalist, but not everyone on the proverbial elevator would understand his pitch. So he sums it up with a catchy sentence that intrigues the listener just enough to ask […]

Creating Routine as a Creative: International Artist, Amy Tavern


Amy Tavern has received several emerging artist honors including being named an American Craft Council “Searchlight Artist.” Amy’s jewelry has been published in numerous books such as “New Earrings” and “500 Silver Jewelry Designs” and was featured on the cover of Metalsmith Magazine’s 2012 “Exhibition in Print.” Amy completed a three-year artist residency at the […]

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