Media Relations Tips for Artists

PR adds to your marketing, advertising, and social media efforts, but instead of you sharing your news, someone else (a reporter, blogger, or another type of amplifier) shares your news with their audience for no cost to you.

In my last Call to Artists, I asked those who have received media and press coverage to share their best media relations tips for artists. Here’s what they said:

“I tweeted at the assistant features editor, suggesting she use one of my designs in a style piece she was doing.”
~ Oami Powers, Clothing Designer of little-bird


OAMI POWERS SHARES HER MEDIA STORY: I’ve been lucky enough to get some great local press over the last couple of years. I’m not a great self-promoter but occasionally I temporarily lose my mind, like the time a couple of years ago when I tweeted at the then Assistant Features Editor, suggesting she use one of my designs in a style piece she was doing. She ended up putting a different design in their Holiday Gift Guide, and I’ve been on their radar ever since. The reporter who photographed the gift guide remembered my line when she started the Emerging Designers series, and sought me out. 


When it comes to media relations, “Pay it Forward.”
~ Elaine O’Neil, Textile Collage Artist of little-bird




ELAINE O’NEIL SHARES MEDIA RELATIONS TIPS FOR ARTISTS: Go to art openings and events. Talk with media people who are there. Tell them something you admire about a past story they wrote (you have to be paying attention to, and reading, what these folks write). Pay it forward.



“Don’t confuse the interviewer with stories that aren’t germane.”
~ Brian Allen, Letterpress Printer of little-bird


BRIAN ALLEN SHARES INTERVIEW TIPS: I’ve been interviewed 3 or 4 times now, and halfway through each I think, “It will be a miracle if what I say ends up correctly written in the paper….” None used an audio recording device.

Speak slowly, with simple, consistent, straightforward statements; repeated in the same way, without digression, so the interviewer can write it down without ambiguity.

Don’t confuse the interviewer with stories that aren’t germane, unprompted stories about other people, or talk too fast for them to write down what you have to say. 


“Start small, perhaps with a local contact, and build on that. Be persistent.”
~ Elise Okrend, Pastel Artist of little-bird



ELISE OKREND SHARES MEDIA RELATIONS TIPS FOR ARTISTS: Find out what the best way to communicate with each individual contact is. Send a thorough press release with photos and contact information. Start small, perhaps with a local contact, and build on that. Be persistent. 


“Remember that everyone benefits from cross-promotion.”
~ Tesh Parekh, Live Wedding Painter at little-bird



TESH PAREKH SHARES BLOGGER RELATIONS TIPS FOR ARTISTS: Remember that everyone benefits from cross-promotion. If a blogger writes about you or features your artwork, share the blogger’s info with all who follow you. Any help to anyone is positive.

Reciprocate. Make sure that when the time is right that you feature them somehow.

This post is a part of the Call to Artists series which asks artists to respond to prompts and questions, share their experiences, and inspire others. Respond to upcoming open calls here!

Photography credits N&O Emerging Designer / Our State Mag / Briar Press / Southern Soiree

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